Multiple DOMS

Is this even possible? Because right now, it certainly feels like it exists! The day after my first proper legs session, I’ve squeezed in three, yes, three runs, totalling 8 miles. Right this minute, my legs are refusing to move. *sobs* Advertisements

Gym Work – 9th January 2017

I took some advice on strength training from friends, and one (cheers, Yoric) recommended a programme that focuses on lower and upper body. I wasn’t sure if the two upper body sessions needed to be done on separate days, but I could certainly combine one with a legs session, for now. It just makes it […]

Gym Work – 22nd December 2016

I haven’t been feeling too good, I can feel another virus coming on. I certainly felt it whilst I attempted a session on the StairMaster, and had to give up after 5 minutes. I tried the rower, instead, and despite Kniggly Kneeā„¢ clicking, managed a decent session. Five minutes in the StairMaster Five minutes row, […]