parkrun #30 – Saturday 23rd May 2015

Conditions were perfect for grabbing a new parkrun PB today; overcast skies, clement temperatures, and little breeze. Sadly, I was not in perfect condition. I’d had an accident on my new road bike on Tuesday (I used a metal fence to stop it, instead of the brakes – I’m blaming The Bloke). I’m lucky to […]

Ladies; why aren’t you exercising?

Earlier this year, Sport England launched a campaign, This Girl Can, to encourage more women to take up sport and exercise. Compared with other countries, a much lower percentage of women take part in physical activities, compared with men. A lot of my female friends, and family, are currently on healthy eating and lifestyle programmes, […]

Jantastic 2015 – How was it for you?

 Mine started out okay, but ended dismally (if you’ve read my blog, you’ll know why). If you haven’t heard of Jantastic, it’s a yearly challenge, starting in January, funnily enough. Over the course of twelve weeks, participants are encouraged to set themselves goals and targets, and to log their activities for the chance to win […]