It’s taken me until now to come to terms with a mixture of emotions. If you followed my progress online, or on Twitter, or Facebook, you’ll know things did not go to plan. I did not get under four hours, but I did get a new personal best. My training had been hampered with illness. […]

Loughborough Half Marathon

My first race of the year; actually, it was my first race for well over a year. The training schedule had in a half marathon race, and Loughborough, being just up the road, was ideal. This is the first year, the organisers hope, for this race. The plan was to use the run as a training […]


It’s been another disappointing week, as I have felt ill, tired, and weak. I have been trying to run as often as I can, at a much slower pace, and nowhere near my usual running pace, but the mileage has been down. Today should have been an 18 mile run. My plan was to run […]