Kill or cure…

I felt awful over the weekend, truly awful. I really hoped that it meant that this bug is finally coming out and leaving. My optimism was well-placed, as I felt so much better yesterday. So much so, I went to the club track session. Billed as a ‘laid back’ session, as most of our runners […]

Good intentions, laid to waste

After a frantic few weeks off the running scene, I had every intention of catching up with my runs after that. It never happened. Running has been the one thing that has kept me going. Like every other aspect of my life at present, it’s been hard work, with little reward. I’ve not been very […]

Bucket List Running – Central Park

I’m not alone in having wanting to run around Central Park, Manhattan. We had an aborted attempt in November, but The Bloke had injured his knee, so we managed just a couple of miles, and then got lost trying to get back to the Columbus Circle entrance. We decided that we would try again during […]