May 2017 – In Numbers

I know, I know, it’s July. My head has not been behaving and I could not bear to write anything up. I have no idea what triggered this episode, because in many respects, May was a good month, running wise.

I obtained my first club Gold standard of the year (fingers crossed). It was also my first race for almost a year. The Wymeswold Waddle is a five mile out and back course that undulates upwards in the first half, and downwards in the second. Running a negative split is inevitable. I was left on tenterhooks for days to see if I’d got the time; I was one second off according to the gun time, my Garmin being closer to chip time had said that I’d done it. It turns out that I had!

On top of that, having voiced my concerns before the race that I wasn’t feeling up to it, and was dreading the race, I earned the title of WER Shark Of The Day. Next time, I’ll keep my mouth shut!

I also took part in the first two of the club handicap race series. My pacing was a lot quicker than anticipated in the first race. I struggled with my breathing during the second. In both races, I struggled to maintain speed, I was absolutely hanging at the end.

The first race saw a collosal battle between me and The Bloke, who were in the top two positions for a while. After being overtaken by the eventual winner, The Bloke actually stopped, giving me second spot. Did I trust him?

Did I heck!

The annoying sod didn’t just overtake me, but he made sure that he wasn’t in striking distance, and stormed passed me with about 50m left, knowing I was already at my limit. I had to be content with third.

In the second race, I was pushed further back, and had a poorer race. I finished near to the back of the field, with all of the quicker runners bombing past me. It’s very disheartening.

As for parkrun, I managed two. One at Sherwood Pines, which we were told was about a mile from the Center Parcs we were stating it. It probably is, if you’re leaving from the entrance gates, but when you’re in one of the last lodges in the park, it ended up being a ten mile run for the day! Oops! Best thing was, if we could’ve used the locked access gate close by, we would have been right near the start. Doh!

My other parkrun was at Coventry, where I hoped to have a great run, as the undulating course is more agreeable with me. I had targeted it for my Gold standard time of 23:30.

It was warm, wet and grey when we arrived, too late for a warm up. About 2km in, the sun was out, and the humidity levels had shot through the roof. I sounded like the sister of Daryl Vader as I struggled with the last 1,500m or so. As I came to the finish, the chap in front of me slowed down, almost blocking me from overtaking a teenage girl, who also had slowed up too soon, and was also in my way. Enraged, I managed to muster the energy to take them both in a sprint finish.

So imagine my shock when I got the results email telling me that I was 3rd female! Despite being over 30 seconds off of Gold, I was third fastest woman! Me! Third! I have no idea what was going on, but it was a time that normally would be lucky to see top 20 let alone top 10! I even checked the photos, just to make sure it wasn’t a mistake, that some of the unknowns further in front were women, but no, there were only three women (well, two women and a teen) ahead of me at just under halfway, and I wasn’t overtaken by any other females. Chuffed I was.

Whilst my head was suffering, my running was seeing some improvements. I had another race in June to look forward to, a holiday, and hopefully some improvement.


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