Sun is shining…

Spring looks to have arrived, but looks can be deceptive. The wind is bloody freezing, and does not help with the nip in the air. A couple of layers though, and it is perfect-ish running weather. Not even the wind bothered me this morning, I actually enjoyed being out running.

This is such a weird feeling, after months of feeling down and out, where running has been a struggle, I felt light and bright. I basked, as well as I could whilst running, in the sunshine. Then it struck me; is this my mojo returning?

This morning was a double-header, mostly because I had to visit the doctor about my new inhaler, and I didn’t want the waiting time to skew my data. My peak flow has stabilised at an impressive 580 L/min, considering about 427 L/min, which is not only pleasing, but just goes to show how exercise can help your lung health, even with a debilitating condition. I got a few strange looks when I arrived and went to into the waiting room. How dare someone run to see their GP? What kind of madness is this? There was a bit of eye-rolling and tutting when I came out with my prescription. I’m proud of the way I try to keep myself fit and healthy, and I too could have passed judgment in those giving looks of disdain. Actually, perhaps I did but I managed to keep them to myself!

On my run home, I felt great. This was how it should feel when running, and I have missed this feeling. This morning’s efforts made this month my highest mileage month since June last year. Last year! I have also recently recorded my highest mileage weeks since 2015! I know! Me and The Bloke have been getting in some quality long road runs on a Sunday, and we ran 10 miles last weekend, which we haven’t done in ages. Off-road runs have been that far, but there have been a lot of stops and starts. Our Sunday runs have had minimal stops, for traffic. It has been encouraging to be able to run this far, and with increasing ease. 

I have been analysing my mileage over the last few years, and compared my PBs with monthly and weekly totals, and consistency is the key. I don’t necessarily have to have high mileage, but being to run on a weekly basis produced the best results. Over the last few months, I have had so many enforced breaks, I’m not surprised I’ve been suffering. Fingers crossed, I can continue with being able to fit in at least four running days per week, and getting back to some kind of form.


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