My Amazing New Discovery

Someone is bound to comment, saying, ‘didn’t you know this already? Everyone has been doing that for ages…’, but this is a recent, and accidental discovery.

Autumn is a terrible time for me, I seem to pick up every cold and virus going. Fitting in running, in between illness, means I’m suffering with more muscle imbalances than I would like. I was taking salt baths to relieve my aches, but I ran out, so instead, I’d have a soak in a normal bubble bath, and watch a couple of YouTube videos. 

A normal bath was okay, but it didn’t have the same effect, and offered very little relief.

Then one Sunday morning, feeling a bit congested after a long run, I added some drops of Olbas Oil into the bath, to ease my sinuses.

What I discovered was nothing short of a miracle. Kniggly Knee™ stopped clicking! It moved as freely as a decent session with a sports masseur. 

I have tried it a few times now. Illness has meant I’ve not been able to do any of my strengthening, and foam-rolling, so my ITB is horrendous right now. But a soak in a warm bath, with Olbas Oil, has freed it up a fair bit!

I have no idea how or why it works, and quite frankly, I don’t care. It does. So if you’re feeling a bit achy, or in need of some therapy, I’d suggest giving the Olbas Oil a go. It works for me!

(This post is not sponsored by Olbas Oil, by the way)


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