Exercising my democratic right…

A late working day has meant I’ve had to fit in an early run. I could’ve had a rest day, but that’d be my mojoless head talking. No, best get out there, and get it over with, I told myself. 

Today is an important day in the UK. We get to vote on whether we leave or stay part of the EU. You don’t even have to know me well to know where my ‘x’ went. But that’s beside the point. 

I decided I’d run to the polling station. I also had an errand to do in the neighbouring town, so I thought I’d kill two birds, and all that. Well, three actually, but you get my drift. 

The UK is extremely humid right now. Unbearably so. I wouldn’t mind if it was also hot and sunny, but it’s not. It’s just wet. Thankfully, there weren’t too many people out and about this morning to see me dripping all over the place. I’m not a sweaty person, but the humidity is killing me.

Despite the uncomfortable conditions, I had an almost enjoyable four mile run. There weren’t too many people about to irritate me. I wasn’t 100% comfortable, having had a flier yesterday, but I wasn’t in pain, or sluggish. 

Taking into account yesterday’s run, I feel much happier to go out and do my own thing. Recent group runs have given me stomach cramps that I’m certain are stress related. The thought of running with others makes me feel sick. I had a panic attack at the weekend, because I couldn’t keep up with The Bloke. What I’d really like to do, is to do the off-road thing by myself. Just me. 

As for yesterday, I had been looking forward to running on my own. No pressure, just me. My day had been stressful, I had awful sciatic pain whilst driving, but that didn’t matter. Nobody but me was going to be affected. I set off, and felt comfortable with my modified style. There was no slow first km, as I warmed up. I felt good for most of the run, and ended up running 9km at a quicker pace than most of the races I have run this year! Admittedly, the last km was hard as I’m not used to this kind of sustained pace. But I felt good for a change. I don’t want this to go away now. I’m not bothered about knocking races on the head. The important thing is to get back to full fitness, and enjoying my running again. 


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