Spot the difference

Regular readers (all one of you…) will be aware of Kniggly Knee™. The knee caphas been slightly dislocated (subluxed to medical people), in my opinion. 

Anyway, today, before my run, I was going through my new pre-run routine, when I heard an felt a pop in Kniggly Knee™. Once the pain subsided, and it didn’t last long, I realised my patella had reduced itself (gone back into place to lay men). 

Of course I still went out for my run. I felt an immediate difference in how my knee felt. I can’t believe how much of a discomfort it was, and although it’s now sore, and the bruising (haematoma looks so much more dramatic) is starting to come out, but maybe, just maybe, this is the light at the end of the tunnel. 


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