Happy New Year!

First of all, I would like to wish all of my followers, and readers of this blog (those that have stuck with me), a very happy, healthy, and prosperous 2016.

I have been reflecting on what has been predominantly disappointing year. I had a lot of hopes and expectations, and did not fulfil them, not just with running, but in other aspects of my life. Things had stagnated, and I put my hands up and admit, I didn’t cope. The last few weeks have been completely the opposite, hence the lack of posts. I’ve been overwhelmed by the changes. We finally moved house, and have been trying to settle in to the new place. There are still jobs outstanding, but once completed, we hope that we have finally found our place to stay.

So far as my running is concerned, I had some ups, and a lot of downs. I started the year with relentless illness, had a couple of stumbles, and ended up with a knee injury that didn’t require rest, but has required rehab. It has meant that I have not been able to build upon last year’s massive improvements. I’ve lost a lot of pace and stamina. I’m struggling to train at the pace I had been, and as for race speed, I dread to think what the first few races will be like. I am working hard to bring it back. It is very hard work.

I have made little progress towards my 50th parkrun, having only completed numbers 39 and 40. Looking at my calendar, I won’t be hitting that target before my birthday, either.

I haven’t set any targets for next year, however, I have decided to focus on the shorter distances, certainly for the first half of 2016, to try and get my speed back. I am more optimistic, and hope to make progress in other areas of my life. I will be collecting my club Gold standard at the end of January, so despite a poor year, I did have some improvement, even if it felt like I’d gone backwards. I can take that achievement forward with me.

I hope you all have an amazing year, and fulfil all of your goals and dreams.


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