Shepshed 7 – Sunday 1st November 2015

I was feeling unwell when I was told that places for this popular race were running out. I hoped that I would be feeling better by the time that the race started, but this was not the case. As with previous years, the autumnal cold was reluctant to leave. You’d have thought that by now, I’d have had every disease going, and that there were not enough viruses to keep me ill. 

I decided to use the race as a training run, one where I would get a lovely t-shirt. This would be my longest run since the Robin Hood Half, just over a month ago. 

We set off for Shepshed with the weather looking seasonal. Dark, misty, and chilly. Occasionally the mist would lift, and it looked like it would be a lovely day, but it was definitely murky in north-west Leicestershire. I began to wonder if it was sensible to even use this as a training run, but decided to ‘toughen up’ and get on with it.

My sister and the two nieces came along to offer some support. I was also hoping that it would give the smaller niece some inspiration, as she doesn’t enjoy physical activity, and if she can see that I can do it, I’d like her to think that she could too. I had teased her about the 1 mile fun run, which she was adamant she wouldn’t take part in, and she was right. They arrived 15 minutes afterwards! She was also disappointed that the tees were red, and that her uncle wouldn’t be running around in a pink one.

As this was a training run,many not a race, I kept in the warm school hall, rather than go for a warm up. By the time came to line up, the sun had come out, and it was certainly not as cold as it had been. I regretted not having my shades with me.

I started off way too quickly, but soon settled into a more leisurely pace. There isn’t really a lot to report, other than it was nice to have a chat along the way, it was nice to see the family supporting, and it was nice not to feel like projectile vomiting en route. The smaller niece seemed keen to find me at the end of the race, though she didn’t seem impressed with the tee. I was glad to have got the run out of the way, and hopefully start focusing on my speed work over the winter, as I couldn’t believe this illness could last much longer than it had done.


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