Meanwhile, in Miami Beach…

Two weeks after Shepshed, well, 13 days if you’re being pedantic, I’m still in bed. It’s about 8.40am. The Bloke has gone out for a run along the boardwalk, probably a little later than he’d have liked as the temperature does rise quickly in, not that it drops much at night. But it’s noticeable. Along with the humidity. It’s my fault; he waited to see if the Target own brand ‘severe cold and flu’ tablets would kick in. They haven’t so far, and I’m struggling to breathe, both in terms of using my nose and my lungs. Surely there has to be a limit as to the amount of snot one person can produce? It must be finite, must it?

Finding tablets was a pain. Drugs (as in stuff needed for medical reasons, not recreational) can be cheap, but what I need isn’t. Plus, most of it is aspirin based, and I’m allergic to the stuff. I saw something in Target, but it contained ‘acetaminophen’, which didn’t ring any bells. I could Google it, but sometimes the info isn’t reliable. I know it’s used in Tylenol, and I’d seen that people reckoned it was addictive, and read somewhere about it causing allergic reactions, so I decided to ask at the pharmacy counter. ‘Oh, it’s a bit like paracetamol,’ the woman said, ‘it’s a similar family.’ Oh, okay. I decided to check with Google, after all. Acetaminophen is not ‘a bit like’ paracetamol. It sodding well is paracetamol. Apparently the whole world calls it paracetamol, except for the USA. 

I had brought my own supply, but had exhausted them as I had optimistically expected to be over these bugs by now. I got progressively worse in the days after Shepshed, and the following weekend was a right off as I felt rough. Still it got worse. Since arriving in Florida, I’ve now got a full on stinker of a cold. You know, with all the trimmings. Head fog, wheezing, totally bunged up but constantly dripping with snot, sore throat, deaf, cough, body aches, the whole works. I managed one run on my first morning, which felt awful, and it got worse from there. I had found a 5k race for this morning, and the price and the start time  (6.45am) put me off. I’m glad we didn’t enter, as I wouldn’t be able to run it.

All I can say is I’m glad it’s a chillaxing holiday. I have no intention of doing much more than lounging about, preferably by the pool, and hoping that the heat and humidity can finally rid me of this disease before I go totally mad!

UPDATE: It’s raining. I’m going to have to go shopping now. Great.


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