parkrun #38 – Saturday 24th October 2015

Since my ‘breakdown’, I had completed a few parkruns. Clearly, I was in no mood to write about them. I was also struggling physically.

My head is clearing. Kniggly Knee™ has a diagnosis, and a treatment plan; it’s working. But, and there always seems to be one this year, I now have my regular autumnal illness. This was never going to be a fast parkrun.

The weather was typically seasonal. Grey, cold, miserable, reflected in my eye colour that day (I have a changeable eye colour, it’s a sort of grey/green, with brown around the pupil. They can look stunningly pale some of the time, and black as night at others. It depends on lighting, and what colours I’m wearing). I was feeling rougher than the proverbial badger’s anatomical analogy. I had no plans to push it, which was a pity because many runners would be easing off or even resting, giving me a chance of a high finish.

As it turned out, I’d have had to have PBed to have got close. I was not on PB form, not even close. It felt like I was trying to move leaden weights, not my legs. The Bloke was always tantalisingly in sight, he also not pushing himself. He started quickly, and stayed the same distance ahead for most of the run, but I could not catch him. Not that I was trying, but it wasn’t encouraging to have no kick. I finished in 26:13, not great, and I’ve certainly felt better after runs.

As I write this, on the following Monday evening, the cold is still lingering. I’m trying a mulled fruit drink, partly because it tastes great, and partly because the spices are supposed to help make colds better.  It is, if I say so myself, bloody gorgeous!


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