Good intentions, laid to waste

After a frantic few weeks off the running scene, I had every intention of catching up with my runs after that. It never happened. Running has been the one thing that has kept me going. Like every other aspect of my life at present, it’s been hard work, with little reward. I’ve not been very good on the head front, and as is always the case when my mood is low, everything that can go wrong, has been going wrong.

Physically, Kniggly Knee™ decided it would stop being reasonable. It either bent and hurt, or didn’t bend but was pain free. It is one of those injuries that running doesn’t make worse because the problem appears to be muscular. I’ve since found that as long as I do my stretching and rollering, it eases up quite a lot. Funnily, it actually eases up totally after speed sessions, and my leg feels wonderful running at ‘speed’. I lack the basic fitness though to benefit. Compared with this time last year, I’m nowhere near the level I was running at. This is reflected in my racing. Saying that…

Sunday 21st June 2015 – LRRL Prestwold 10k

We arrived at the Prestwold Driving Centre on a gloriously sunny Sunday morning. The wind, however, took my breath away. As did the queues for the toilets! Despite putting on urinals for the guys, there weren’t enough loos for the runners. The Bloke helpfully told the chaps waiting in line that urinals were available, but they sheepishly looked the other way. At races, I don’t like to use a portaloo after a man. They only need a toilet for one reason. Not the Number One reason, either.

Thankfully, a lady came out of the toilet when it was my turn. Unfortunately, the smell hit me before I reached it, and she said it wasn’t her. She followed a man. A man who, by the evidence left behind, had Gut Rot. I’m surprised he even ran.

What’s also annoying, and I’ve mentioned it before, is the number of non-runners clogging up the queues. Now unless it’s a matter of life or death, there’s no reason why non-runners can’t wait until the runners have been set on their merry way. I’ve been to races and supported. I needed the loo, but I respectfully held it in until the race had started, because then I wouldn’t have to queue, or listen to people panicking that they didn’t have enough time to wee before they ran.

As it was, the race was held back to allow those waiting for the toilet to do what they needed to do. Not that we heard it at the back. 

Prestwold is billed as a flat race, but it’s not. There are some long, very gradual climbs. Okay, there are no major hills, but at least they usually come and go. These seemed to drag, and then you don’t benefit from the downhills, as they aren’t steep enough.

Despite all that, I finally got my club Gold standard for 10k, and consequently a PB, in under 49 minutes. But deep down, I know I should be much quicker.

Wednesday 1st July 2015 – LRRL Hungarton 7

On the hottest day of the year, Leicestershire’s club runners took part in this year’s race. Well, some did. I saw some quicker runners walking back after 1 mile, and I eventually gave up after 3.5 miles, and resorted to walking up hills. I knew my BP was problematic, it had been very low all week, and despite eating lots of salt, and taking on board fluids (lime cordial and salt in water is very nice, though I prefer tequila to water…), I didn’t feel great. Apparently, I blacked out after finishing. I know that I went dizzy when I bent down to untie my chip. I even struggled to finish the post-race cider I had promised myself.

parkruns 31, 32 & 33

I’ve lost a lot of basic speed, so my parkruns have been hard work, and not producing the times that the effort deserves. I’m hoping to regain my base fitness and speed, and try again. I know that running it more often helps, but my next opportunity to run isn’t for a couple of weeks. I’m running TR24 tomorrow, and next weekend is the day before the first of two 5 milers in three days, so I’ve opted to volunteer instead. 

If I’m honest, I’m not looking forward to these races. I don’t feel fit or ready. I’ve chosen not to enter a few really good races, just because I’m not race fit. I’m going to focus on the League races, and Robin Hood Half, and hopefully get my County standards next year. I really wanted to get silver standard, but I’m nowhere near that. It’s time to be realistic, and to chalk off this year, and to focus on building my fitness for next year. 


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