WER Trophy Race 2015 #3 – Wednesday 10th June 2015

I missed the second race in the series because I was on holiday. I arrived back home the day before Race 3. Of course, I thought it would be sensible to run this so soon after a long haul flight, and with horrible jet lag.

Never underestimate jet lag. It is evil. It’s more than waking up at stupid times after crossing time zones. It affects your concentration and your mood, making you more irritable. It can bring on dizziness, and bouts of nausea. There’s nothing like the feeling that the ground beneath your feet has suddenly turned to jelly, and is moving without you doing a thing. It’s worse than being drunk, without the pleasure of a fine bottle of wine.

As for insomniacs, like me, you would’ve thought that I’d be immune to jet lag. Wrong. It means I get it worse. 

So running around the perimeter of Braunstone Park, whilst suffering quite badly, would be a pretty stupid idea, wouldn’t it?

Of course, but exercise and fresh air can help ease the symptoms. I decided to put my faith in Mother Nature. It was kill or cure.

Given the awful retching at the end of the race, it turned out not to be a cure. My start position (this is a handicapped race, so runners are set off, slowest to quickest, at intervals calculated to have us all finish at the same time) still seemed too far back given my current form. I managed to overtake a couple of runners, though one did go back past near the finish. As I neared the finish, the quicker runners all started to come bombing past me. That meant most of the club probably saw me heaving behind a tree.

I was surprised to have been within 30 seconds of my best time for the course, recorded last summer when I was flying. Just. I have a couple of benchmarks for race 4. I’d like to think I could run closer to my time last year, but I’m not feeling confident. I can no longer use jet lag as an excuse.


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