Ladies; why aren’t you exercising?

Earlier this year, Sport England launched a campaign, This Girl Can, to encourage more women to take up sport and exercise. Compared with other countries, a much lower percentage of women take part in physical activities, compared with men.

A lot of my female friends, and family, are currently on healthy eating and lifestyle programmes, but not many have taken up any exercise.

I’m curious as to why. I have some theories, but before I sit down, and write them up, I thought I would ask you all, “why”.

Please take the time to complete this quick survey. Once I have enough results, I will take a look, and analyse them. Please also feel free to comment below, as I would be interested in your views, and experiences.

Thank you, in advance!


6 responses to “Ladies; why aren’t you exercising?

  1. Awaiting spinal surgery after alternative treatments have not solved herniated disc sciatica down leg. All exercise aggravates it sadly but I’ll be back to it after surgery.

  2. I’m sorry you’re suffering, Jules, it must be very frustrating for you. Fingers crossed for a speedy recovery.

  3. Also, I work shifts so adding exercise in as a regular activity is hard because my life is not regular. But for me, the combination of not wanting to exercise in public for fear of being judged about my size or unfitness together with a lack of will power meaning that I don’t try as hard when I exercise alone is the real issue. I kind of like the “this girl can” campaign (although, not the name – I am not a girl, I am a woman) but the reality is that even the”normal” shaped women in those adverts share a confidence about their bodies that I just don’t have. I suspect this is true of other women too.

    • Looking at the results, the self-conscious side definitely is coming through. The role of the media, be it supposed journalism, or social networking, certainly has an impact.

    • Ooh, there’s a question.

      Something non-impact might help, like swimming, or cycling. Have you had your injury assessed? If not, it might be worthwhile (at a cost…), but there is plenty of advice on how to recover from shin splints on the Internet. I’d suggest reading a few articles, as there is also some very bad advice.

      Hope you’re recovered soon 👍

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