parkrun #26 – Saturday 11th April 2015

What a week. Things just seemed to go from bad to worse. I swear that someone has a voodoo doll, and is having far too much fun at my expense.

Sciatica is a funny thing. Its a nerve issue, but it makes the lower part of the back painful. I sprained the muscles in my lower back, as a child. Don’t ask how, I don’t know. The sciatica worried me, before it was diagnosed, a couple of years ago. Of you don’t suffer, or never have suffered, with sciatica, you will never know what a totally messed up condition it is. When I’m fully fit and healthy otherwise, it goes away if i run, or walk stupid distances. At the moment, with all the problems that I have, it has literally been a pain in the backside. I am having to turn down work, because I can’t drive for more than an hour. Sitting for so long is agony, and it’s all down my left leg, and coupled with Kniggly Knee™, which just happens to be Clutch Knee™, I can’t take the risk of the spasms that then  set in.  Yet, I could walk for an hour, without such problems. Running, well, not quite yet. Not until I can bend the knee again.

I made the decision not to run Belvoir Half, which I know was the right decision. Even if I turned up on the day upset because I couldn’t run. I was lucky that someone wanted to buy my number, and that the organisers were accommodating enough to let us transfer. The nice email I was added to, made me well up, i”ll admit. But I was allowed to do light, short runs, and the easiest, panic-free way to do this was to go to parkrun.

Obviously, I couldn’t run it hard. Notwithstanding the advice (I love that word, that’s the lawyer in me), the weather was foul. When I woke up, the rain was pounding on the Velux window, and the wind was trying to drown it out, pun intended. I questioned my sanity, when I rocked up, knowing I had an excuse to wimp out. The problem is, I’m beginning to know more and more of the local regulars, and the excuses start to look pathetic. My hands would warm up once I got running.


It was 8ºC when we left the house, and it was 5ºC when we got home. i was absolutely frozen. Several people told me this, as if I didn’t; know already! The wind got worse throughout the day, let alone the run. I was sensible, and didn’t push it. I had a lovely natter with the equally lovely Mel, and apart from the odd twinge, Kniggly Knee™ held up.

Conditions were not really ideal, and even if I was fully fit, I doubt that I would have been close to a PB. The rain made the ground boggy at the top of The Hill, and the car park had a few puddles, which meant that people were trying to avoid them, and then getting in the way. At least there was no flooding.

Afterwards, it was a problem. I didn’t have time to ice it, before we left to go and watch Leicester City at West Bromwich Albion. Although the journey was under an hour, I had massively twitchy legs, due to my sciatica, which had moved to the centre of my back, therefore affecting both legs. Then standing for the best part of two hours made things worse. If I could have stretched a bit, I would have been fine, but the lads that were next to me had no idea of personal space. Yes, there was a very large man a bit further down, but they didn’t all have to cram down the row so much that they took my room! I may not be the biggest person, but please, let me stretch! it’s for the good of my joints!

I’m stuck n this weird world where I genuinely have problems, but the problems are made worse by inactivity. I swear that it is not understood, and that some people think I am being awkward. I’m not.  Physically, if I could walk, or cycle, to work I would be fine. Sitting down, and driving, are issues, and I don’t know what else I can do to make them better. Rest isn’t the cure. Time will tell, I guess.


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