parkrun #24 – Saturday 14th March 2015

Again, I’ve been waiting to see pics, that haven’t materialised. It’s probably for the best, as I didn’t have a good run.

Conditions were perfect for running; about the right temperature, and relatively still. I was not in perfect running condition. I was about 80-85% fit. I had also had too much grape juice the night before. I think I’d done it on purpose. I had been toying with the idea of pacing, again. I think, with all of the bad luck that I had been having, I was reluctant to push myself. It was only whilst reflecting, afterwards, that I realised that this was the case.

On the other hand, I couldn’t keep making excuses, and needed to run my own run, even if I wasn’t ready to push myself. I needed to see where I was, in terms of my fitness.

The Bloke had said that he wasn’t going to go for it, as he’d run 10 miles the previous day. Although he started behind me, I soon heard him on my shoulder. “I thought you weren’t pushing it,” I said. “I’m not,” was his response. He kept with me, when I tried to run off. I didn’t want company,mor anyone running with me, even if we weren’t chatting. I wanted to run on my own, so I dropped back, hoping he would go. 

He did.

I found it hard, and could have easily have bypassed The Hill, and gone straight to the finish. I didn’t, I carried on. Surprisingly, I was only 5 seconds off of my quickest time up there, but it was tough. The downhill section was not as hard as the first time round. The last kilometre was a killer; it seemed to go on forever. As I turned the corner, to the finishing hill, I sensed someone coming up onto my shoulder. Another woman was trying to beat me to a sprint finish. I wasn’t having this. I felt down enough as it was, I didn’t need to be pipped at the end! I don’t know where it came from, but I put every last bit of effort into not being overtaken. It worked! It was also my third best time up that last hill, according to Strava. 

I then felt sick.

I had to ignore the well wishes at the finish funnel, and go and sort myself out. I finished in 135th place, out of 379 runners, with a time of 24:15. I was the 21st female, of 144 ladies. I was, however, 2nd in my age category, out of 19 runners. The Bloke, along with what looked like an unprecedented number of other parkrunners, bagged himself a new PB. I think most of my friends did! I was delighted for them, but slightly rueful that I’m not firing on all cylinders, and a wee bit envious of all those great times. I just need a run of good health, and hopefully, I will soon be back running on top form.


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