parkrun #23 – Saturday 7th March 2015

The flu really put paid to my plans for the week; I honestly expected to have to use my Jantastic joker for only the second time ever, the first being used last week, for failing to run a half marathon. I spent three days virtually bed ridden, although I did have to work on the Monday. I must’ve been bad, as the lovely District Judge heard I was not well, and made sure that I was first into chambers. He then dealt with my hearing as quickly as possible so that I could get straight back home, and rest.

Of course, it never takes me long to reach the fidgety stage, once the worst is over. I was itching to get my running gear on, but unlike The Bloke, I didn’t want to end up with a hacking cough for the next few weeks. I waited until Thursday, had an almost 3km trot, and rested up for parkrun. The plan was, if I could get round parkrun, I should be able to run the next LRRL race, on the Sunday. The gentle trot was very slow, and very tiring. I was relieved when my friend, Sam, suggested that we pace another runner to a PB at parkrun, looking at around 9:20 min/mile pace. Pacing is a good way of keeping myself reigned in.

The Bloke and me also treated ourselves to a sports massage; if you don’t know what these are, they are a form of sado-masochism for active types. My knee cap is slightly out of alignment (the test almost made me jump off the bench, it was that fist-biting kind of pain), and as suspected, my weak glutes, and tight piriformis and ITB are to blame. I have a new set of exercises to do, and I need to find the time and disciple to do them. Luckily, I don’t have to use my roller for a few days, and the bruising on my legs shows how badly knotted my muscles have been. The Bloke doesn’t have such excuses, haha!

Saturday morning was nice and mild, but a bit breezy; March winds do blow, or so they say. A few of the regulars were missing, probably saving themselves for the league race the next day. The lady who wanted pacing didn’t turn up, but that’s another story, and not mine to tell! I might just get it wrong! We decided to trot round, in any case.

We started from about the middle, but it was very congested, and slow. Quite a few of the quicker people, who’d lined up ahead of us, also complained about the number of slower runners starting from the front. I know parkrun is not a race, but there are runners who are looking to improve their own times, and getting caught up in “traffic” is not fair on them, or for the slower runners, who may feel ambushed by those quicker runners. I’ve never tried to start too far forward, something that has cost me valuable seconds in the past, because I would hate to hold others up. That’s just me.

It’s always nice to have a run and a natter. Our first km was really slow, and I mean really slow. The Hill was hard work, and on the second lap, I said I had no idea how I was going to run 6 miles the next day, as this three and a bit miles was a struggle!  Saying that, my splits showed that we had a “progressive” run, with each km quicker than the last. Not bad, considering the third and last are uphill!

As a leg-loosener, it was good. But it wasn’t a confidence booster. I would be needing to treat the next run simply as a training run. I was pleased to see that The Bloke had a good run, and was close to his PB, without really pushing it. For me, I think my parkrun PB days are a long way off!


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