parkrun #22 – Saturday 28th February 2015

A week late, but all with good reason; firstly, I was waiting to see if there’d be any pics, and secondly, I’ve been ill. Again.

Looking through the previous week’s pics, I spotted my good mate Jacky’s kids, so let her know about it. She’d expected to see me, but hadn’t realised that I’d be out for my last long run before Cov Half. She then said that she had registered, and would be running the next week. As I didn’t want to run too hard, I offered to run with her, and she accepted.

The morning was grey, and damp. Thankfully, it had stopped raining, but it wasn’t pleasant. We started from the back, and settled into a very easy pace. This was where Jacky told me that she hadn’t run before! She had been cycling, and had some fitness, which was a relief! I was really impressed, as she made it to 1.8km before having to walk, just over a mile!

It was great to catch up, as we walked/jogged our way around the course. I could see her kids ahead of us, and I have to say, Jacky’s daughter looks a natural runner. I was pleased that Jacky said she’d be back in a couple of weeks. I love running, and it makes me feel fantastic when someone else is inspired to have a go, and also enjoy it. It’s also funny, because there are now a number of runners at parkrun who went to school with me, and it looks like there could be more! Not quite the reunion I ever expected!


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