This Girl Can – inspiring a gender

Sport England has launched a campaign to encourage more girls and women to take up some kind of physical activity (no sniggering, at the back…). Apparently, the number of women in the UK, who regularly exercise, is significantly lower than the number of men, unlike our European cousins, where the split is closer to 50:50. Many of my friends say that they would like to be more active, but when I ask them why not, I hear things like, “I don’t have time”, “I don’t like running, not like you”, “I’m too fat”, and so on.

This Girl Can has been set up to dispel some of the myths and perceptions that put our ladies off, and have launched this video to promote it;

I’d urge all my friends, family, and followers to watch this, regardless of your gender. Men, your ladies need encouragement, and support! Ladies, you CAN do it!

A lot of my friends are undergoing their own weight loss journey, yet none are combining their change in healthy eating with exercise. Not only will it help you to reach your goals, it will make you feel great, and look amazing! I know some have tried running, and have given up, but there are numerous sports and activities out there. It’s about finding the one that works for you.

Haven’t got time? If you found an exercise that you really enjoyed, you would make the time.

Too fat? Not everybody who uses the gym, or is part of a sports club is skinny, or athleticly built. You shouldn’t let your size put you off. If the truth be told, nobody is looking at you, let alone judging you.

So, come on, girls, let’s show the men how it’s done! There is an activity out there for you, you just need to find it!


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