Central Perk Up – Why I need this virus to shift.

In nine days, me and The a Bloke fly to New York. It’s not our first visit; we went in 2000, back in the days when I ran for 15-20 minutes on a treadmill, and harboured ideas of running the London Marathon. One thing that stuck in my mind, was the number of people running. A lot of people in The Big Apple run.

Our little stroll around Central Park really highlighted this, and since taking my own running seriously, it’s been one of those places I want to run around. Is there such a thing as a running tourist? I think I am one!

Our hotel is located on 57th St, just 5 minutes walk from Central Park. I’ve been excited/sad (delete as applicable) enough to look into running routes, and there are plenty of options. There is a loop, which is roughly 6 miles.

IMG_0251.GIFThe Six Mile Loop

Reading up, it appears that running anti-clockwise, or as our US cousins say, counter-clockwise, provides the hardest challenge, as it’s the harder side of Harlem Hill. The west side merely “undulates”.

Okay, so I tried to find a course profile, and it’s in feet, not metres. As such, my metric brain is now confused, but it looks like a nasty incline!

IMG_0252.PNGElevation profile

There is also a loop around the Jackie Kennedy Onassis Reservoir of about 1.62 miles (if only it was km), where everybody HAS to run anti-clockwise. The track is akin to a cinder track. I have no experience of tracks other than the school grass track, so this could be interesting. I’m also incredibly excited, and haven’t decided what running gear to take with me. I’m wondering if my West End Runners vest, and taking my camera would be a bit too sad!

I’ve checked if there is a parkrun, but there are only three in the USA, and nowhere near NY. There is no similar type event, or at least, nothing organised, and advertised on the Wunderweb. For all intents and purposes, we are on our own.

There are a couple of spanners in the works, however.

Firstly, there is a 50km ultra event, organised by NYRR, taking place on the Saturday, the day we are most likely to be up and running, literally. Whilst it would be a great experience, I am in no condition for such a race, and it would take somewhere between 4 to 5 hours of valuable sightseeing time.

Secondly, I’m still struggling to shift this virus. The Bloke has a knee injury. Potentially, we could be struggling to walk anywhere, let alone run. There may just be a token run, just to say we’ve done it. I would be devastated, if that was the case. I am pretty fed up now, and don’t want this illness hanging around and not just ruining my running, but my break too.



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