A message to all family and friends who want to support me and Louise in next week’s Leicester Half Marathon…


It’s now just under a week to go until my good mate, Lou, runs her first half marathon. Not only did she not see herself ever doing this, but I don’t think she ever envisaged enjoying the journey (injuries aside). This time last year, or thereabouts, she started running again. Now, she is a member of a running club, with road racing experience to draw upon. Not only that, she has improved so much with her pace, stamina, and fitness. Plus, she’s made loads of new friends on this journey.

She is raising money in memory of her late brother-in-law, Carl. It’s meant a lot to her, and she has smashed one target already; her modest sponsorship target for the charity, mind. Nearly all of us are affected by mental health problems, either directly or indirectly. If you could spare just a couple of quid, then please follow this link and donate however little or much you can, as it is a great cause.

Now that the intro is out of the way, I can get onto the practicalities for next week! Facebook will show the first part of this post, and Lou doesn’t want to see the next bit, as it is a bit daunting to see times in black and white! I’m hoping it doesn’t show it, as I will be in trouble! If you read this, don’t give the game away, thanks! 😉

In my experience, there’s nothing better than for a city marathon/half marathon to have good crowds of people supporting the runners. My bugbears about the attitude of the people of Leicester is worth a post of its own, so I won’t dwell on it here. What I would ask, because so many of my family and friends live within a mile of the route, please, please, please, do come out and cheer us all on. The half marathon race has sold out, with over a week to go, and if we are to have an event to rival other big cities, including Nottingham, which has far more runners than my hometown race, we need you!

The map above covers the half marathon route; the full marathon goes beyond, and into Syston, Queniborough, Rearsby, Thrussington, and East Goscote. There are far fewer runner here, and some may be running most of this race on their own. I’m sure that they would appreciate any support.

For us half marathon runners, we still like to be cheered on (unless we’ve blown up, so if someone doesn’t respond favourably, they’re injured, ill, or fatigued, and not responsible for their actions). It would be great to see the streets lined with supporters, bands, even people or venues playing music. That was my favourite part of the London Marathon experience.

Finally, if you want to look out for me and Lou on the route, I’ve calculated what times we should be hitting the mile markers, and where they are. I’ve gone on a best (10min/mile) and worst (12min/mile) case basis, and assuming we start on time (when I last ran it, we started late). It would be great to see you, and if I hear you, and see you, you will make my race report!

Please do come and cheer everyone on; you’ve a week to make your arrangements!



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