Parkrun #18 – Saturday 4th October 2014

This post is late because I was waiting to see if there were any photos. There weren’t, you’ll be pleased to know.

I didn’t set out to break any records. The half marathon training meant that I wasn’t focused on my 5k speed work, and so, on a grey, damp, windy Saturday morning, I decided to run and see what happens.

The start was a bit messy, again. I know that technically parkrun is not a race, but the idea is to test yourself, and compare one run with another. Effectively, each runner is racing his or herself. It is very hard to do this, however, when the slower runners are starting at the front, and getting in the way. There are pairs, even groups, of slower runners chatting, and seemingly oblivious to the quicker runners who are trying to get past them. I wouldn’t mind; I’m small and nimble, and can dodge round them, but it’s very difficult when they aren’t able to run in a straight line, even when there is a clear route in front of them! It’s very hard to settle into a rhythm, which I find is important when I am looking to try for a new PB. I’m sure some of the other runners would disagree, but I don’t like to be in the way of quicker runners.

The wind at the bottom of the long downhill was brutal on the first lap. I’d braved taking my jacket off, and almost put it back on, but I got used to it. I kept a good, steady pace, slowing slightly for The Hill. I was just a second slower than the fastest time recorded for The Hill since having my Garmin. I know this, because it is set up as a “segment”. There are leader boards for that section. I am way off the pace, sadly.

The wind had appeared to have eased up on the second lap. With the field having spread out, I was settled. I wasn’t pushing it, but I wasn’t taking it easy. I finished in 23:56, and was 94th out of 271 runners. I was the 8th female finisher, but more importantly, I WAS FIRST PLACED IN MY AGE CATEGORY! *fist pumps*

I’m pleased with the run, and knowing I’ll be working on my 5k goal, aiming to get 21:30, there is a lot more to come. I’ve no idea how long this will take. I’m expecting it to be well into next year, as I’ve got 1:18 to chip off, and that is a huge chip, at that.


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