With no London Marathon place, it’s time to sort out my new targets…


Receiving the rejection mag was a bit of a relief; I’d love another crack at the London Marathon, but I’m not really sure I have the time to train properly, and to do myself justice. If I run another marathon, I will have to do so in under 4hrs. I know that I trained for it last time, and that’s why I know I haven the time, at the moment. That’s not to say I won’t give it another bash, but it may be that I have to look at another event. At the moment, I’m not really up for it.

What next, then?

I would like to improve my base speed, which will mean focusing more on interval and Fartlek sessions. Hopefully, this will help me to achieve Gold club standard, and county Silver standard (Gold is a bit ambitious…), and set me up for a good winter road running league season. I should also have enough time after Christmas to think of one, or two, spring half marathons, hence the nature of my new goals. These are;

Sub 21:30 parkrun (5k)
Sub 49 10k
Sub 1:45 half marathon
As close to a 6 minute mile as possible.

The last one is very ambitious, but if I could have that base speed, it would help my confidence no end.

First of all, however, I need to see where I am. I missed out on the running club measured mile, as it was a few days before Robin Hood. I plan on running it myself, and taking my own time. I will have an idea of how much work I need to put in. This week, I’m recovering, so I shouldn’t try it just yet. I’m guessing I shouldn’t next week, either., as you’re not supposed to “race” for the number of days per mile you’ve already raced, but 13 days of easy running isn’t appealing. I’ve also either got tonsillitis, or I’ve picked up a virus, and this will also dictate if next week is too soon. Stupid immune system.


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