When you’re tired and weary…


My heart is skipping a beat, every time I think of the Robin Hood Half Marathon. I don’t feel ready. I don’t feel that I’ve done enough training, and I’m pretty sure I’ll struggle to PB.

And it’s all my own fault.

Why did I get complacent with my strength and conditioning work? I’d never have had this niggle, if I’d only done what I’m supposed to have done.

It’s easier to go for a run, than to take the time to do sets of boring, monotonous exercises. But those exercises are vital, I know that now.

The main damage is now in my head. This week started well, but I’m now tired and lethargic. I struggled to run at all, last night. I felt like my legs were made of lead. I couldn’t run at anywhere near my desired race pace, and that’s had a devastating effect on my confidence. I barely made it round at PB pace. I know from past experience that I’ve done all that I could, and that feeling tired is normal. The battle between logic, and the demons that live in my head and continually put me down, stirs again. I am in danger of letting the demons win. I’m having to deal with everything else in my life going wrong.

Running isn’t just about having a fit body; a fit mind is also a necessity. I feel like I’m failing with both.


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