Parkrun #16 – Saturday 30th August 2014

I’m still suffering, and on Friday, I went for a sports massage, because this niggle I have is my own fault, and is linked to weaknesses and imbalances throughout my lower body. Some people can get away with doing any strengthening or conditioning work. Apparently, it looks like I am not one of them.

To say that the massage hurt would be putting it mildly. It was like the worst days of my physio, that’s how much I’ve neglected these areas. My hamstrings and ITB are tight, and needed so much work, I could see the ITB by the line of bruises down the outside of my thigh! I’m not concerned by this, as I bruise very easily; I only have to look at something hard, and I bruise.

Needless to say, parkrun was going to be “uncomfortable”. I wasn’t going to push it, as I didn’t want to do any more damage, but I guessed a trot around Braunstone Park would help loosen things up.

It did.

I was also surprised to run 24:55, as I wasn’t pushing the pace at all. To think that in January, I’d have bust a gut and not broken 25 minutes, it goes to show how much I’ve improved. I was 19th female finisher, and 151st overall from a record 398 runners. I still managed to be 2nd in my age group.

I will now be focusing on doing the stuff I’m supposed to be doing to keep me running. It’s not enough to stick on my runners, and get out there. Maybe it’s my HMS, but clearly, I need to focus on my strength work to keep things stable. I cannot afford to be complacent, and think, “I’m fit now, and running well, I’ll give the core work a miss”, because it’s only setting me back. Especially when I was going so well.


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