Lutterworth 5 Mile Charity Fun Run – Sunday 3rd August 2014

Organised by fellow Westie, Alan Slater, this run was in aid if Dementia UK; both of my grandmothers were affected, one with Alzheimer’s, the other senile dementia, so it was a cause that meant a lot to me.

I had been out on the course, just over a week before, on a practice run, and knew that it would be tougher than Watermead. This race has hills! It didn’t help that I was feeling jaded during that run, and I struggled in the last mile, which has an incline. It’s not the worst hill, but it zapped what little energy I had that evening. With a league race on the following Wednesday, I wanted to run a decent time (sub 40 minutes), but a PB would be out of the question. That training run haunted me.

The sun was shining, but it was only after we’d parked up at the start and finish venue that I felt the full force of the summer “breeze”; I was freezing. Warming up, I didn’t relish running into it. I can cope with most weather conditions, but wind takes its toll.

I think the wind had died down by the time the race started, as it was a warm one. I got off to a good start, and felt comfortable. However, about 2km in, my lace came undone. It’s something that the Bloke has had happen to him in recent races, and I’ve not mocked as such, but I have made a big deal of my double-knots. My trusty double-knot failed me! The quicker I tried to re-tie my lace, the more it wouldn’t tie properly. It took three or four attempts. In the meantime, the Bloke ran past me! Lace tied, I could see him in the distance. “It’s okay,” I thought to myself, “he’s bound to finish before me sooner or later”.

Not on this occasion.

I caught him up, and then went past on a downhill section. I’m far more comfortable picking up the pace running downhill. It’s where I have to catch up the time going uphill!

With no further mishaps, I finished in a time of 38:44; my Garmin counts my moving time, and was a slightly better 38:14, just over a minute slower than Watermead. I was 10th female finisher, and 65th overall. Considering I’m still improving, and it had hills, I was pleased with that performance. I can move onto the Joy Cann 5 with more confidence, as I preferred that training run!

This was a good run; it’s challenging, certainly for something billed as a “fun run”, but the cause is a worthy one. It was very well organised, and I would like to see this one given full race status. There was a great atmosphere, before, during and after, as West End Runners were very well represented, and supported. I felt honoured to be a part of it, and it’s great that even though I’m a new member, I’ve been made to feel part of the team. It’s exactly why I wanted to join a running club!

20140804-212651-77211154.jpgWorking hard!

20140804-212725-77245309.jpgMe and the Bloke, with our medals!

20140804-212808-77288427.jpgTeam photo!


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