Whilst the runner is away…

You’re supposed to be on holiday! Why on earth would you waste time running? Shouldn’t you be relaxing?

It’s one of the most annoying things that people say to me when they see I’ve been running on my holiday. Or if they hear that I’ve packed my gear. It’s as if they think that running is some kind of necessity, like work, or study. The fact that I run to relax is an alien concept. It’s how I wind down, or it kick starts my day, depending on when I choose to run.

I also like to maintain my fitness whilst I’m on holiday. Exercise keeps my asthma and hypermobility under control. Total relaxation is pointless if I can’t breathe, and have insufferable joints when I get home.

It isn’t as if I’ve made huge sacrifices to fit in a run. I’ve gone out before breakfast, helped by the fact that I’ve been awake quite early, in any case, due to the differences in time zone. It’s kicked any jet lag out of my system; this is the first time I’ve not had jet lag, not that I out it solely down to running. Until yesterday, it hadn’t even taken up an hour of my holiday.

We moved to Redwood City, to be closer to the airport. When the Bloke made the booking, and I looked at the hotel’s facilities I saw that it boasted a “jogging track”. When we arrived, details of a two and four mile route were neatly presented on cards.


I’d expected off-road, traffic free routes, but these weren’t. As a highly litigious nation, we were given warning;


I don’t understand it; where has the ability to take responsibility for one’s own actions gone? If the hotel hadn’t have provided the details, then I would’ve probably chosen the same route, and exercised all the same caution advised to me. Just because it came recommended, I don’t see how the hotel should be blamed if I then failed to look for hazards!

We went out for two laps of the four mile course; my Garmin measured it a little short. It was warm and sunny, perfect conditions for me. A walk later confirmed that we’d picked the right time to go out, however. We kept a steady pace, on the whole, helped by the fact the course was flat! The only time we went up or down was when crossing roads!

This holiday, we have managed seven runs; hardly excessive for a two week break. I’ve covered 49.55km, and “wasted” 4 hours and 14 minutes of my time in the process. I can hardly say I’ve missed it. I’ve enjoyed all of the runs. Well, the first mile of the Fog City Run was horrible, but it improved! I feel great for it, and I can’t wait to get home, and start racing, and training for at least one half marathon this autumn.


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