Parkrun #12 – Saturday 14th June 2014

With my holiday coming up, and having had four consecutive PBs, I made the conscious decision not to push myself for a fifth in a row. I decided it would be more sensible to see how far I have progressed in recent weeks, both mentally and physically.

That plan nearly did go out of the window at the start, which didn’t have the organisation of recent weeks. I was boxed in quite early, and unfortunately found myself being elbowed and kicked as much as I was elbowing and kicking. I apologise to anyone i caught. It was purely down to the congestion. I ended up losing my rag a little, and I did run along the grass to get by the slower runners, but I soon settled back down to an easier pace.

Ten runs ago, a nice steady run would have seen me finish in around 25 ½ minutes. On this occasion, I finished in 23:26. I felt comfortable, and that it was a sustainable pace, well, over 5k at least. Even The Hill is feeling better, and it’s certainly reflected in my times, where instead of 6min/km pace, I’m now “powering” up it half a minute per km faster. The help and advice I have been getting has helped me to overcome the mental hurdles I’ve built up (I can’t do this, I can’t push it or I’ll break, it hurts…). Physically, I feel stronger. The DOMs I’ve been suffering with since I took things more seriously aren’t as bad. Treadmill running is very lazy, and my muscles are getting stronger. This can only get better, and I can’t wait to show that I can be a faster, stronger runner.

Overall, I finished in 92nd place out of 298, and I was the 10th female finisher. I was second in my age category.

I am now on my holidays for two weeks, and when I return, I will be volunteering at my next Parkrun. I cannot understate just how important they are, and the crucial role which they play each week. It will be good to help the other runners, and cheer on friends, as well as members of the running community I have yet to become friends with. Yes, I think the champers has gone to my head!


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