Parkrun #10 – Saturday 31st May 2014

With two PBs in the previous two runs, could I get a hat-trick of PBs?

The answer?

Hell, yeah!

I clocked an amazing 23:01, notching up my fastest ever KM (4:04), and my fastest ever non-dreadmill mile (6:54). Granted, it was the first part of the Parkrun, and it’s downhill, but still, that’s bloody quick for me!

Even more amazingly, each KM spilt was sub 5 minutes, and each mile split was sub 8 minutes. Yes, I was blowing by the end, but losing the fear that I cannot do this, and gaining the confidence to take on 5K is reaping it’s rewards. Even The Hill was quicker than previous Parkruns. It didn’t feel like it, but looking back at the readings, I didn’t drop below 8:08 mile pace, or 5:03 KM. I’m totally shocked. Again, Joe helped me along, and another friend, Sam, was shouting out to me. With another friend, Jon, encouraging me up the finishing hill, I had plenty of support again. This is what I love about running!

The next target is sub 23 minute Parkrun. Oh, and not to look like a wreck in the photos!



3 responses to “Parkrun #10 – Saturday 31st May 2014

  1. Well done on your latest PB 🙂 I paced my sister to 23:04 the previous week – a 26 second PB for her. Like you she is now keen to get sub 23 … We’ll see who’s first 🙂

  2. I have a feeling it will be you that gets sub 23 first given your radical improvements over recent weeks! Sub 22 won’t be so easy though 😉

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