Parkrun #9 – Saturday 24th May 2014

There has been a lot said, by others, over what time I could and should be running the Parkrun in. 23 minutes had been mentioned. Then 21 minutes. Knocking over 3 minutes was never, ever going to happen in the near future, but I was hoping to run a time that started “23”. The target was sub 24 minutes, with sub 23:30 begin achievable maybe after my holiday in June.

I’m all for doing things properly, and I tend to line up in the middle of the field. Thinking about it, I finish around the bottom end of the top third, and I was advised to stand further up to avoid traffic.

So I did.

I was also advised to take advantage of the downhill section of the beginning.

So I did.

Belting down that hill actually did feel quite liberating, and I enjoyed it. An old workmate, Joe, caught me up, and said he’d get me round. I’d been telling him before the run of the expectations put on me, and he said he’d “gee” me round.

He got me up The Hill. Not literally, as that would be cheating, but he made me stay with him, which for most of the way I did. It still hurt.

He kept me going on the second lap. I knew I wasn’t as quick as first time, but is tried staying with him.

Joe was even a gent, and let me go through the finishing funnel before him.

I stopped my watch. I ended the run. I looked at the time. I may have let out a girlie squeal.


That’s 50 seconds quicker than last week’s PB. Nearly a minute.

I may have been a little excited by this, so apologies to anyone I accosted.

This was a run where I pushed myself, and at times was out of my comfort zone. It was hard, I had to work for that time. But, I’m getting stronger, and as my muscles get used to begin used properly, none of this treadmill stuff, it will get easier. My times will come further. I now have to revise my goals, and the next target is a Parkrun with a “22” at the start. It goes to show what a little bit of self-belief and encouragement can do. I’d also like to thank Joe for helping me round, he was just as much a part of that run, and I think I needed the push.

Overall, I finished 98th out of 274 runners. I was the 10th female, and 3rd in my age category. The day after, I am still stunned by what was the total obliteration of my previous PB.

That looks good!


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