Parkrun #7 – Saturday 10th May 2014

It’s been several weeks since my last Parkrun. Since then. I’ve completed a half marathon and missed out on a PB in very difficult conditions. I’ve had a flu-type virus, which set my training back. I’ve tried some running clubs. There’s some other stuff, which it don’t want to talk about.

My preparation for this Parkrun was not ideal. My evening meal on Friday had roasted peppers, which I swear I’m intolerant to. I then washed it down with copious amounts of wine. When I awoke on Saturday morning, I was on the cusp of a hangover, with an irritated stomach. Some people, probably sensible people, would have shaken their heads, and given up on the thought of a 5k run. I am not sensible. Running has got me through the past few days as much as wine, my husband, and a couple of very good friends have. I did what running addicts do; took an anti-diarrhoea pill, chewed on a Rennie, and had a cup of tea.

When I arrived at Braunstone Park, the sky was dark. It was colder than the temperature gauge had home had suggested. I was talking to a friend when the heavens opened. Many runners fled for the trees, but I didn’t see the point. If it didn’t stop, I was going to get wet anyway. I was already cold, so it wouldn’t have made much difference. The shower had stopped by the time we started. By the time I’d reached the end of the first kilometre, the sun was out, and I was too hot. I took my jacket off, and then caught the headwind at the bottom end of the course. All that was missing was fog, hail, and snow.

I’d been given a couple of tips for hill running, which I tried to apply when tackling The Hill. I’m going to be honest. I still struggled, but I managed to overtake people, and looking at my speed when I uploaded the run from my Nike+ Sportswatch , I was quicker.

One other thing I noted after uploading the run was that my last kilometre was the quickest. It’s normally the first one. I am surprised as I was struggling at this point.

I finished 7 seconds off my PB. I was glad to be under 25 minutes, but slightly disappointed with myself for making sure I couldn’t get a good run in. I was 124th overall, and the 13th female finisher. I was second in my age category, which was pleasing, although to put some perspective on it, I’ve just moved up into an older age category, and I’m probably the youngest.

Next Friday, I will be at the cricket for the first T20 match of the year, and that will involve copious amounts of rosé. This does not bode well for Parkrun #8. If I make it.



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