Jantastic Weeks 11-12

It started off positively, but ended up being a damp squib. Personally, I did not get 100%, as I underestimated my timed run. But it was a good effort, and I ran every run that I said that I would. More, in fact.

As far as the team effort went, we had illness, and injury, which was inevitable. We had members who tried, and found that running was not for them. That’s fine; it’s what Jantastic is about. Even signing up, and then changing your mind, but saying “i can’t get out of it now”, is okay. At least those of us carrying on knew what was going on.

But we had people who signed up, and didn’t really seem to make any effort. Whether it was not being bothered to run, or log runs, it was disappointing to see that kind of attitude. I don’t sign up for things, if I don’t think I’ll give it a go. If these team members were getting the runs in, and not logging them, then that’s the most disappointing thing.

On the plus side, there have been some immense efforts made by the Leicester Twitter runners. It’s what I wanted to see from the challenge. It made me proud to see the team clocking up the results and individuals were using it to push themselves. The highlight for me was the tweet up before the Silverstone Half, and the results we achieved in difficult conditions. Even though Jantastic has ended, I would like to do the same thing again.

Overall, Jantastic has left me with mixed emotions. I’ve enjoyed feeling part of a team. But I’ve felt let down that it appeared that some people didn’t care. As I say, it’s not a dig at those who signed up and gave it a go. Some people love running, whilst others don’t get on with it. That’s what things like this are designed for, to encourage us along, but to see if it’s something that we want to do. To make part of our routine. Or to decide that we’d be better off doing something else instead. Some people signed up, but never made themselves known to the rest of us, and they didn’t seem to log any runs. And they missed out on some great banter, camaraderie, and a race. This makes me a little sad. It makes me feel like I’ve failed.

I would like to be a part of Jantastic 2015. But if I do, I’ll be finding a group to join.


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