2014 – Weeks 6 – 16

The last ten weeks have been mixed. I wanted to blog more regularly, but it hasn’t happened. Things have been up and down, like my moods, and I just haven’t got round to it.

The aim was to get a new PB at Silverstone. As previously blogged, this didn’t happen. I set my sights on Bosworth Half, in May, and my running suddenly kicked in. Free of the winter bugs, I felt like I was flying. I was confident, and sure that I’d get my PB next month.

I celebrated my 40th birthday, and the move up to a new age category. That’s how I work things out now. My percentages should be shooting up. But I’ve not done any “proper” running since Silverstone.

The Parkruns have been disrupted by football. As it happened, April would provide two consecutive Saturdays that I would be able to run. Sadly, my stupid immune system had other ideas. I’ve had a flu like virus. Not only was I knocked out, but at one stage, I thought I’d got whooping cough again. I had it 24 years ago, and the hacking coughing fits, and having to hang over the sink, or toilet, brought back bad memories. Thankfully, it’s eased off. I’m left with the residual cough, normal for my asthma. My hayfever has kicked in. I can cope with this.

After 12 days without running, I’ve managed to start back up again. With Bosworth Half in mind, and two combined runs of 7 miles under my belt, I managed a 7 miler today. It was easier than expected, though not as quick. I now have to decide if I can still get one more half marathon in before the summer.

On top of this, and despite me saying it would never happen, I am getting the urge to run the London Marathon again. I know I can get a time of under four hours. I thought that the hours of training needed to achieve this would put me off. I lasted two years. I will not run with a charity place again. I will enter the ballot, and what will be, will be. The chances of a ballot place are tiny. The chances of getting a second ballot place are minuscule. It’s not going to happen, but I can live with that. It feels like I’ve tried.


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