Jantastic Weeks 9-10 – Team Leicester Twitter Runners

As we enter the last two weeks of Jantastic, a few of us are still plodding along nicely. Running, or any exercise, is a lifestyle choice. Firstly, you have to want to do it. Obvious, isn’t it?

But you also have to want to make the time to do it. We all lead busy lives, and we have to prioritise what needs to be done the most. Jantastic is easy for me; I’ve been running for years, and I’m willing to juggle things to fit it in. That doesn’t mean I don’t get into trouble with the OH, or friends, or family, for putting running first.

The Jantastic challenge is great for those who haven’t had a regular routine, had to plan for an event, or are just starting out. It is also a good way of finding out if you can, or are able, to commit to regular, planned exercise. Whilst you may have enjoyed your runs, you may have learned that it is hard to make plans. You may have watched footage of races like the London Marathon, and thought, “I’d love to have a go”. At least Jantastic shows how hard it is fitting in training, and real life, without having to sign up, and run the full 26.2 miles!

On the other hand, others have struggled with illness, or injury. It can be frustrating missing out on those runs.

Consequently, we have slipped down the team rankings, over the last few weeks. We are now in 93rd place. On a personal level, I feel I’ve not done enough to motivate, or inspire. Not that I would do, but it would’ve been nice to have seen others get bitten by the running bug, and to have felt part of it. It’s why I set up the Team profile, and I feel I’ve failed. I’ve been focused on my own goals. Even with this post, I’m turning it round to myself.

As we reach the final stages of the challenge, I want to thank everyone for their efforts so far, even if you have faltered in the last few weeks. At least you gave it a go. Maybe this year isn’t right for you, and next year, you can take on the challenge more focused, and able to go further. Or if you’ve decided that running isn’t for you, you will find something that fits better with you, and your lifestyle.


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