Moving on…


Houses; they’re just bricks and mortar. They’re somewhere to eat, sleep, watch copious amounts of crap TV. Once inside, you could be anywhere; Leicester, London, New York, Monte Carlo. Your neighbours might be your best mates. But your best mates might be living at the other end of the country. Technology has made the world a much smaller place.

I’ve never had an emotional attachment to any house I’ve lived in. I was upset when we moved house when I was 10, but that was because I would miss my friends, and we didn’t have Facebook in 1984. I live somewhere, then I get bored. Once something about a house, or the area, gets on my nerves, the Wanderlust sets in, and I have to block sites like Zoopla, or Rightmove, because it gives me ideas.

In my line of work, I meet people who are the complete opposite. People who won’t sell the house they cannot afford to pay for, and use the equity to buy a comfortable property outright purely because “it’s the house where we’ve brought up the children”. Memories aren’t immovable. You can take them with you. But some people would rather heap dangerous amounts of stress upon themselves, to cling onto the very walls that they think are holding in their past lives. It’s not something I understand.

What has this got to do with running, though?

I mentally left my current house a few years ago, if I’m honest. Things about the place “don’t work”. The things I want from my home aren’t impossible here, but it’s easier to find what I want elsewhere. We did find a place about 18 months ago, but we couldn’t sell this property. I was upset we didn’t get the new place, but things happen for a reason.

That reason might be the other side of the county. We have found somewhere that looks more ideal than the last place we wanted. We’re in the process of instructing an estate agent, and then it’s the tense wait to see if we can sell, subject to contracts, in time to reserve the place we want.

In terms of running, it’s made my indecision over a running club worse. I could join one now, but be living miles away in 6 months. I could wait and see, and join a club I hadn’t considered. Or I could wait and see, and the house we want is sold to someone else, and we can’t sell this place, and I still would be no nearer to deciding which club to join.

The one thing I will miss about this place is running along the Great Central Way. Considering how close it is to the city, well, some of it is in the city, it’s quiet, and peaceful. It’s mostly traffic free. Finding another running route is part of the whole adventure, though. In the meantime, I have my running to try to take my mind off of the worry, stress, and potential disappointment of trying to sell this house, and buy the place we really want.


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