Jantastic Weeks 6-8 – Team Leicester Twitter Runners

I’m a crap leader. I’ve not been motivating the team enough, as I’ve been absorbed in my own race preparation. Over the weeks, we have been slipping down the positions. That’s not to be unexpected. Life gets in the way. Injury, illness, work, kids, they can all come along, and our best laid plans are out to waste. What looked like an achievable target has turned into Mission Impossible.

Then there are, I suspect, those who set such high targets at the beginning, they’ve felt the need to carry them on.

Running is a way of life. It’s part of the daily routine. Some people always manage to watch Corrie, or Eastenders, and set aside the time to do it. For others, it’s running, or swimming, or Zumba.

Jantastic is a great way of trying to make running part of your every day routine. By committing to the runs, you have to do them. That’s the theory. It’s also a good way of finding out that it’s not for you. Some people really don’t get on with running. Whether it’s the running itself, or the having to schedule a routine, it’s not a problem to say, “I don’t like this”. It’s better to have tried, than to sit thinking about it.

To all those struggling with Jantastic, I hope you find your motivation, exercise, whatever. I am certainly here for anyone who is struggling, and wants to talk things through. I won’t try and talk you into doing something you don’t want to do. I am happy to be a soundboard for other options. But if you are still wanting to run, and are struggling, please don’t suffer on your own. I’ve had enough injuries and illness for anyone, and I know how you’re feeling.


As winter turns slowly into spring, the marathon season is upon us. Both half and full. On Sunday, six Leicester Twitter Runners took on Silverstone Half, and beat it, despite the ever worsening conditions. Neil lead the team home, followed by me, Stu, Darren, Steph, and Lester. We were cheered on by John, who was injured, and would’ve been our seventh representative in this race. Whilst his efforts on the track were matched, I’m sure I speak for all of us, his efforts off the track were very much appreciated. Thanks for braving the elements to cheer us on.


Steph achieved a new PB, which shows there is much more to come from her, and she will ace the Edinburgh marathon in May. Lester also achieved a PB, completing his first Half. The next one will be much easier, I promise!

It was lovely to meet some new faces, who have become team mates. It was good to meet tweeters not part of the team, but part of the wider, running community on Twitter. It was also good of people to come along and cheer us on, yes, Lou, I’m looking at you. I hope you can see why I love running so much. You’ll be part of our team next year! You don’t have to join Jantastic to feel part of a team, because running seems to bring that camaraderie out. We’re in it together. And we want to help each other.

So if you are struggling, please say so. You won’t be alone.


Finally, it’s occurred to me, what happens when Jantastic ends?

I know some want to carry on, but officially they can’t. Unofficially, I’m more than happy to set up a spreadsheet. I love spreadsheets.

We also need a reward. I’m proposing the Leicester Twitter Runners meet up for drinks. I don’t know if anyone else would be up for it, but it would be great motivation for carrying on the good work. I might get more names for my spreadsheet!


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