Parkrun #6 – Saturday 22nd February 2014

Close, but no cigar…

Although I felt like I had been smoking one after the run.

It was apparently a record turnout at this week’s Parkrun, with 351 runners. This is great news, as it is always good to see the event’s popularity increase. However, it does mean that there is a lot of congestion in places.

Not that this was to blame for my own underperformance. This time it was an unwelcome abdominal cramp, and my stupid asthma. Again. If you were running anywhere within 100m going up The Hill, you would’ve heard me. I’m embarrassed by my heavy breathing. I was still doing fine, until about 3k, then the cramp hit, and I slowed down as I doubled up.

One week, I will run the event feeling 100% fit and well. When I do, I expect a drastic reduction with my PB. This week, I was 2 seconds off it, which surprised me, and gave me hope that I can smash this time. It was, however, one of my worst finishes. 21 other women came ahead, I was 5th for my age group, and 155th overall. Grr. As far as the age group runners go, I was beaten by club runners, and club runners made up the bulk of the 21 women ahead of me. Once Silverstone is out of the way, I need to get my backside into gear, and choose a club. I need to sort out trying some of the more local clubs, which I have narrowed down to Huncote, West End, Owls, Wigston Phoenix, and Roadhoggs. Now I’ve out it out there, I need to stop procrastinating.



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