Parkrun #5 – Saturday 15th February 2014

I’d been promising myself all week that I was going to bet a new Parkrun PB this week. I’d made little bets with myself. I really wanted to push it. The problem was, as soon as I walked out of the door, I was nearly blown over.

Watching the litter blowing around, as we drove to the park, and the trees bending in the wind, it dawned on me that this was not going to be a day for PBs. As we made our way from the car to the starting area, the wind that we were actually walking in to, actually took my breath away. As the Bloke kept giving me the evils, I said to him, “if you want to go home, and collect our gym kit, just say so”. But we made the decision that as we were there we would get in with it.

The thing is, it would have been perfect running conditions, if the wind eased up. But it didn’t. Looking through the photos from yesterday, I spotted myself at the start, looking absolutely petrified, and with good reason. I’d dosed up on plenty of Symbicort, but the run was going to affect my asthma, and it did. I hadn’t got it into my head that I was going to struggle. Experience told me that this was not a good lung day.

My first kilometre was the quickest ever, I think! I was blown down the hill, although some of the sideways gusts nearly did take me out! But as I reached the bottom, and turned into the wind, I started to really struggle to breath. I could hear myself breathing, which I hated, then the coughing started, and then the slight wheeze. Great.

By the time I reached The Hill, I was tired. Even though I had the wind behind me, it didn’t give me any extra momentum. This was not an enjoyable run.

I have never been so pleased to reach the finishing line. I hate spitting, and the combination of that, and the coughing meant I was a little bit poorly when I stopped. The need to go home, and to have a hot Ribena was overwhelming (why does hot Ribena have such amazing healing powers? Other brands of blackcurrant juice do not have the same effect).

As predicted, there was no PB; I finished in a disappointing time of 25:23. However, (and I suspect it was mostly down to the smaller field) I finished 87th overall, and achieved my first ever Top Ten finish for the ladies! Every cloud!


I’m not happy that the Nike+ Sportswatch was 80m short! I can assure you that there was no cheating!

I’ll be glad when this stormy weather finally leaves our shores, as I feel I have much better runs in me, and that PB needs smashing!


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