Jantastic Week 4 – Team “Leicester Twitter Runners”


Well done, Team! We have completed 200 runs (more now we can start logging this week’s runs).

Now we are in week 5, and the game has changed slightly. Instead of just logging our runs, we now have the challenge of completing and logging a “long run”. Some of us are training for various events, spring been the half and full marathon season part one. For us, a weekly long run is a necessary part of our training schedule, and we will have some idea of what we will need to be running.

For the new runners, or those who aren’t training for an event, deciding on how far to go with your long run is a different matter. You can use this part of the Jantastic challenge to push yourself out of your comfort zone, and go that extra mile, or kilometre. However, running is about enjoying the experience, so if you’re not ready to push yourself, don’t feel that you have to. Do what you can. It’s far better to be honest, and set yourself a realistic target, than to undermine your confidence, or your fitness by doing something you’re not happy with. Setting unrealistic challenges can mean you fall out with running, and give up. Remember, we all have good and bad weeks; the team has struggled in recent weeks, with illness and injury affecting the most experienced runners, not just the newbies. On top of that, real life has a nasty of habit of reminding us that it’s there. Work, weather, family, all can undermine our best efforts to get out there and run.

So, good luck with week 5, Team, and enjoy the long runs, however far you choose to go. If you are struggling, we have got your back, and there is always somebody about who is willing to share your burden. Let’s do this!


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