2014 – Week 5

The cold, which was most unwelcome, has pretty much departed, leaving behind a sluggish, and congested feeling. I was able to resume running, and more surprisingly, I broke the 100 mile barrier for the month, clocking up 112 miles in January (or 181km for us more up to date runners). It’s possibly the highest mileage month I’ve managed since my 2012 marathon training. I cannot confirm it, because Nike+ is playing up, again.

January 2014 - not bad, considering

Most importantly, I managed to push through a two hour run on Friday, which has boosted my confidence for the Silverstone Half. At least I know that I can get around; whether it will be a new PB remains to be seen.

The cold didn’t hamper the weight loss goal too much, either, and I surprisingly registered a small loss. They all count.

With four weeks to go until Silverstone, there is plenty of time to get the miles in, and I have everything crossed that the illnesses have now left me well and truly alone. It’s about time somebody else had a go. I’ve had more than my fair share.


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