Jantastic Week 3 – Team “Leicester Twitter Runners”


From the conversations, and tweets, from the team, it’s been a difficult week. Injury, illness, and real life have done their best to deter the “Leicester Twitter Runners”. They have picked the wrong team to mess with. The team have moved from joint 89th place, to joint 55th. I’m not sure how many teams are involved, but I think we can be proud of our efforts, no matter how big or small.

We are now in the last week of the first month. If anyone hasn’t already done so, you need to set your targets for February. As well as deciding how many runs a week you will be completing, you also have to say how long your weekly long run will be. For the newbies, the long run is a weekly test of your stamina, or hell on earth, depending on your view point. Whilst you won’t be expected to go out and run like a Duracell bunny, it’s a chance to test yourself, by increasing the distances that you are running. So, if you’re now comfortably running a couple of miles, you can use the long run challenge to push it to three over the next four weeks. This will help you to increase your stamina, give you am incentive to push yourself, and hopefully, increase your speed over the shorter distances, because you are getting fitter.

So, don’t forget your new targets, team, and good luck with the running or recovery!


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