2014 – Week 4

Just when I thought it was going well…

I’m currently in my slobbing clothes, under a couple of blankets, fluctuating between hot flushes, and freezing. I’m due in court in a couple of hours (work, I’m not in trouble), and I’m cursing being self-employed. Unable to complete a long run yesterday, I had hoped this cold would have died down enough for me to do it today, but sadly, I can’t. It seems I’ve overestimated my ability to recover from disease.

Why me?

I was fully vaccinated as a child, yet I still managed to miss a lot of infant school because of measles, rubella, mumps, and whooping cough, as well as the usual coughs and colds. I also had chicken pox over one Christmas holiday, caught from my sister who’d had the last couple of weeks of school off. Jammy git.

The number of viruses I’ve had, I would have expected me to have exhausted the lot. But they still keep coming.

I’ve tried multi-vits, many times. I’m taking them now. I’ve tried echinacea. I try eating healthily; I might as well not bother. It’s not alcohol, as it’s 27 days since I’ve touched any.

On the other hand, I’m starting to get the itchy face that’s synonymous with pollen in the air. So my immune system happily stands back whilst viruses bombard me, yet the first sign of a bit of plant in the air, it goes into siege mode. It’s typical my body has to be so screwed up. How about fighting diseases, and let me enjoy sitting on the grass on the hot summer’s day, without swollen eyes, and blisters.

My target had been to run 31 miles for the week. I managed 17 miles, and that was only because I don’t want to let the Jantastic team down. The Bloke has sensibly told me to focus on being fit for Friday, when I will have to schedule my next long run, as we are away for the weekend. Yeah, I do plan runs around my life.

The real bonus is that I haven’t out on weight, either, and have lost 200g. It’s not much, but it’s 200g closer to my ideal running weight, and my weight tracker now shows just 1kg to go, even though it’s really 1.2kg. I may not have as many miles in the bag for Silverstone as I would like, but at least I won’t be blaming excess timber for not getting a new PB.


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