Jantastic Week 2 – Team “Leicester Twitter Runners”


Another great week for the Team, with lots of 100% scores achieved! Well run, everyone.

We’ve had some reported illness and injuries this week. Jantastic is aimed at motivating participants, but sometimes, bad things happen to good people. It is a team effort, and some of us may feel like we’re letting the side down if we fail to complete our promised runs. But running whilst injured, or ill, can make you worse, and set you back. You may need a week for an ankle niggle to settle itself down, but if you don’t rest, you could make it worse, and be out for months. So if you are struggling, listen to your body, and rest if you need it.

One of the things that this challenge has already achieved is forging a team spirit. If you are struggling, don’t suffer in silence, or alone. There is plenty of support, if you need it.

Good luck with Week 3, Team, let’s do this!


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