2014 – Week 3

This week has been a whole lot more positive. This week, I ran 49.66km, which is 30.86 miles. I’m chuffed to bits, as I think 25 to 30 miles a week is about on target for where I want to be, even if I wasn’t training for an event. No doubt a running coach might disagree, but at the moment, I feel more than capable of achieving that regularly.


My total for January stands at 111.4km, or 69.22 miles. With over a week to go, I would like to get close to 100 miles for the month, but if I maintain my current weekly mileage, that should be easily achievable.


My immune system is currently behaving. I’m not quite right (yeah, yeah, insert your own joke here…) but feeling stronger, and fitter, and raring to go. I made the decision with yesterday’s long run to jump from 9 to 11 miles, to keep on schedule. It was only another 9 minutes, after all. Today, I’m fine. I think a massage with the foam roller does help, along with a protein shake, to prevent aches and pains, although having said that, the massage itself tested my pain threshold!

Weight wise, I lost over 1kg! I’m gobsmacked. If I’m honest, my running feels much better than this time last year, for shifting the injury weight gain. I wouldn’t be surprised if I gain a bit of that this week, I didn’t do anything in particular to lose so much. If Mother is reading this, I ate more last week than I would I had whilst feeling ill. So there.

Fingers crossed that there are no more bugs, and I can keep the progression going!


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