Jantastic Week 1 – Team “Leicester Twitter Runners”


A massive “Well Run” to the team! Fantastic effort made by the majority, and a few special shout outs are needed.

Well done to Michelle and Daryll, who have signed up to Jantastic as complete novices. You’ve done us all proud by completing, and most importantly, enjoying your first runs. Here’s to the next few weeks!

Matthew has committed to six runs per week, which is brilliant to some, and mad to others. Well done for completing them all, and good luck with week 2.

Warren and Vishal have completed one more run than promised, so fantastic effort, guys!

Not everyone has been so lucky, though. Poor Lester has been ill, so I’m sure the rest of the team will be hoping that you’ve now fully recovered. It’s frustrating when you can’t run, but you want to.

We don’t have a 100% record. If you are ill, or injured, please use your joker, or at least let someone on the team know. Please also ensure that you log all your week’s runs before the following Tuesday (the week runs from Monday to Sunday). I think they give you the Monday to make sure you’re up to date.

Good luck to everyone for the second week, and keep on running, team!


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