2013 – Weeks 1 – 52

I started the year on the road to recovery from tendinitis. I had two health and fitness goals;

1. To lose nearly 4.6kg, the weight gained whilst injured; and

2. To run a sub 1:50 half marathon.

So did I do it?

Sort of.


I did lose the weight, and some. Although I put on 500g over Christmas, I’m exactly where I wanted to be a year ago.


With the running, I failed. I was all set to run the Leicester Half Marathon in October, but fell ill in the run up, so made the sensible decision to give it a miss. I’ve been suffering with viruses ever since, which is normal for me. I have the most pathetic immune system. Once I get one cold, that’s it. It’s relentless, as can be seen in the drop in mileage. Having said that, I managed a total of 1,402.21km, or 871.3 miles over the year.

It’s also another reason why I’m where I am with regards to my weight. At one point, I was 6kg lighter than at the start of the year. Research shows that I need to lose 3kg to be at my ideal racing weight. So my goal for 2014 is to reach that.

My second goal remains to get that half marathon PB. I’ve started to run our local Parkrun, when the football fixtures, and my immune system allow it. This should help with some speed work. The rest is going to require hard work, dedication, and no more colds. Please!


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