So I’ve signed up to Jantastic. Why don’t you join me?


I’ve signed up to Jantastic. It’s a motivational “competition” running from January to March, aimed at getting people running, or improving their running. The rules explain everything saving me the job!

I already use Nike+, which has a leaderboard. I’ve a fair few friends now, all accumulated from Twitter, who run regularly. I also chat with other local runners, who aren’t affiliated with a running club, and with whom I share a love of Leicester City. Some aren’t even local any more! Because of this, I have set up a Leicester Twitter Runners team. I’m sure there’s more than enough of us to do ourselves credit. As Leicester fans, we are dedicated, committed, and willing to give 100%.

So if your New Year’s Resolution is to start running, or if you already run, and have a Spring race lined up, or if you just want to join a great team, you have no excuse. You set your own goals, you go at your own pace, and you get team support. Even if you’re not a City fan, if you’re from Leicester, or the Shire, and love running and Twitter, sign up! Join in the conversation too, @leesoh

Please feel free to join in the fun! I promise, it won’t* hurt!

* Not for long, any way.


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