Weeks 42 to 45

The last few weeks have been frustrating. It’s autumn, so I’ve suffered from a constant cold/tonsillitis. The tonsillitis is a product of the change in weather, plus, I hate to admit, too much shouting and singing at the football. It’s not catching. The cold was, and I was told off by a District Judge for passing it on to him! The perils of being self-employed. Oops!

Obviously it has affected my running, and October’s mileage was affected. It didn’t stop me from trying out the Braunstone Park Run.


I have to say, for a free event, it was managed just as well, if not better than events that I’ve had to pay for. There were over 200 people taking part, and it’s the first event I’ve run at where the runners have positioned themselves roughly in some kind of order. I started about middlish, and found myself overtaking other runners. Whilst I didn’t push myself, I didn’t take it too easy. I was expecting to finish in around 27 minutes, as I hadn’t intended to push it, as I didn’t know the course, or the gradients (hills are my nemesis). But I finished with a time just over 25 minutes. There is easily room for improvement. The danger is that I put too much pressure on myself the next time I run it. But there will be a next time.

I have tried to take on a few more outdoor runs, working on the principle that if I run outdoors more, my asthmatic lungs will adapt to it. The first one had me coughing for three days. The following runs, touch wood, have been fine. If it wasn’t for this stupid tonsillitis, I’d have gone out for more runs.

I’m still no further to joining a running club. I do want to try another club before making a decision. I think that, with the Park Runs, will see me set a new half marathon PB.

Weight wise, it’s good. I’ve settled down again, at about 2kg above ideal racing weight. It’s a pattern; I lose the weight, then stabilise. Lose weight, then stabilise. Now it’s winter, and comforting food is more appealing, it’ll be interesting to see if I am able to shift those pesky pounds. On a positive note, my body fat percentage is now below 21%, which is the “athletes” category. Go me!

So I’m consolidating, but progressing. If I could just get a decent run in, I will reach my goals.


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